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LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK SERVICE- EVENTS – TALKSHOW AT SAIGON LOVY MEDIA The Facebook Livestream Service is becoming a new trend of many individuals and businesses to share (share), connect events (events), images of their businesses to quickly reach more people (customers) than through.

Saigonlovymedia media company has more than 7 years of experience in making event livestream services for domestic and foreign companies, especially in fields such as live streaming of GAME awards, TALKSHOW livestream, beauty stream for SPA, livestream FOOTBALL awards… can’t tell them all.

This form of day (to day) is more and more flourishing when Facebook and Youtube have integrated (intergrated) capabilities. LIVESTREAM TALKSHOW SERVICE IN THE FILM TRAINING MOVIES HAS SETUP DONE 1 # What is saigonlovymedia’s Livestream facebook Event service : Modern equipment and a team of experienced technicians. Record live-led events: record livestream by multiple camera angles, appear on the led screen, with full professional effects such as name tags, powerpoint runs, video clipsMaking a television bridge: connecting many points together at the same time regardless of distance.

The price of the Livestream service of saigon lovy media is always maximum savings for customers

The astonishing effect of the Event Livestream Service for businesses

The trend of live stream is growing very strongly but is mainly exploited in the field of onl sales or live stream fun everyday life without forgetting that the live stream of seminars will also bring unexpected effects for businesses.

Grasping the trends of the world as well as Vietnam, Ujet Media has developed a high quality Live Stream conference service for businesses to enhance the connection between businesses and customers, boosting communication efficiency to max.

Using the Facebook livestream service is a smart brand PR way, keeping up with the current media promotion trend.

Not only directly interacting with customers, the live stream of the seminar will also save that video for you or your customers to watch later

Nowadays, when you use the conference live stream, you can promote your brand reputation even more.

It was great that not only the attendees but also the customers who could not attend could follow the webinar directly.

Livestream webinars help you connect multiple customers together Live stream of seminars is also a form to help you interact with potential customers at home.

The enthusiasm, friendliness and scale of the seminar will help millions of viewers trust your services and products.

Moreover, when you hire a professional live stream company, the quality of your live stream will be very good, without worrying about affecting the quality of your viewers.

Service livestream Talkshow tphcm on the market The livestream facbook service for seminars, conferences, events … in the market is flourishing.

And the professional video and live streaming service will support the full equipment and the filming team is also very good.

With a period of not too short or not too long, we have achieved many successful projects and accumulated a certain experience.

SG Media’s live stream conference service is very good

Filming team, creative and professional screenwriters

Saigon Lovy media always selects experienced staff, creativity, enthusiasm for the work on their team.

The employees who directly create products at saigon lovy Media are young people with their own personality, nature and professional skills.

In addition, the “specialty” of the filming team is people who are funny, always know how to create a fun, comfortable atmosphere for the studio.

There are employees who have been working with saigon lovy Media since the establishment, but there are also new friends joining this common house, but all members always have solidarity and work well together.

SG Media is always trying to update new technology quickly, bringing the best quality for live streaming conference.

New technology will create quality products, clear footage.

Cost in a Facebook livestream service for events or Livestream Talkshow The cost of filming in SG is always the most economical for customers.

We always quote transparent film prices, limit the cost incurred, so you absolutely can trust.

Be a smart business that keeps up with the technology of event livestream service but also is a smart customer when choosing a company with talkshow live stream service !


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